Big Dance 2016

Back in November I was lucky enough be to given the opportunity to be involved in the creation week with Akram Khan Company and People Dancing for Big Dance 2016 at Roehampton University. This really was a brilliant experience, not only because I was back at my old university, but also working with such a high quality team of people.

It was intense dancing 10am-6pm every day, something I hadn’t been used to for a few years, but very rewarding. Having studied Khan’s work throughout my own dance studies, back in the day, it was amazing to see his creation first hand; to see the way his brain works and how he puts all the puzzle pieces together to make a piece of breath-taking choreography.

With this years choreography, you can really tell it’s Akram Khan’s style. The beautiful hand gestures, the themes such as cleansing and connection between the earth and sky, the fluid movement and all working together as a unit with energy and groundness. It was amazing to perform this piece with a small group of 50 participants (mainly comprising of talented 3rd year Roehampton students) under the guidance of Khan and his team. His two rehearsal directors, Jennifer Irons and Jose Agudo, had such clear vision too. Their energetic and focussed warm-ups, along with their direction for the choreography, added to the pleasure of spending the week on Big Dance 2016.

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