I’m super thrilled to announce that Karen Louise Dance will be performing ‘Patricia’ on Monday 4th July at DanceEast as part of Raw. Raw is an evening of new and experimental work in progress from local Dance Artists in East Anglia, and I’m really excited to be a part of the platform and showcase my work.

We’ve been hard at work in the DanceEast studios for several months exploring this piece, and now is a perfect opportunity to gather some feedback and work on developing Patricia.

Patricia tells the story of Karen’s loss at a young age. One of the ways she dealt with this pivotal moment was through OCD behavioral traits. These took on various forms such as making the bed 5 times before bed, carrying around a comfort blanket, or talking repeatedly to her teddies before bedtime; “see you all in the morning, definitely”. From this inspiration, she wanted to explore the ways various individuals deal with loss. ‘Patricia’ looks at the dancer’s own struggles they may have faced throughout their lives, and their own ideas about dealing with loss and of the comforts sought after. Karen has worked with composer Amy Mallett to organically develop a bespoke sound design alongside the movement. The piece incorporates interviews and interactions as well as electro acoustic musical elements, providing the opportunity to create a fully integrated creative work where sound and movement are intrinsically related.

Please visit to buy your tickets and support our hard work! Tickets are only £5 and all the artists involved would really value the support and feedback for this event!

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