Big Dance Finale – DanceEast’s Move | Be Moved Festival

The day finally arrived! The BIG performance!

Anna and I have been working super hard with several schools and colleges across Suffolk on Big Dance inspired pieces. They have been performed in school halls, classes and assemblys, and now was the biggest challege we faced; 120 dancers performing at DanceEast’s Performance Platform as part of Move Be Moved Annual Festival. Wow, it was going to be good.

For the past few months we had been popping into the lovely Performance Groups of DanceEast to teach them the reptoire of Akram Khan’s Pledge for Big Dance 2016. It consisted of Boyz United, Dance Unlimited, Suffolk Juniors and Suffolk Youth, and SpinOff. All a wide range of ages and abilities, and all super receptive to the material. We were getting really excited about seeing it all put together.

On the day, Anna and I taught several more performance groups, from all around the local counties who were also fabulous to work with. We then had the big challenge – putting it all together in the one performance space.

The technical went better than expected and everyone seemed to be happy with the rehearsal. What made it even more special was the fact it was being performed by the mass of dancers in Trafaglar Square with Akram Khan that exact time.

We performed at 7.30pm on Saturday 2nd July, 120 (ish) dancers on the stage at once, all working together and in unison. It looked stunning. I was performing it too, so could only see when turning around to face the back during a fleeting moment of the piece, but it gave me chills.

It was a brilliant experience and I have LOVED working with every single participant, from DanceEast and all the schools in the local area, and cannot wait for the next project (hopefully September 2016/17)! Keep your eyes peeled folks!

Below are some photographs from the rehearsal, a couple of hours before the performance!


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