KL Youth Dance Company

I’m really excited to announce a new venture from January 2017. Based at Northgate High School in Ipswich, Karen Louise Youth Dance Company will form. After creating and delivering workshops to various schools in the past couple of years, I thought it was time to settle down with one group of students and get to work on some meaty dance work. I LOVE workshops, but the time flies by and even a day or week with the talented participants is never enough. I always come away wanting to give more and spend more time exploring ideas together. So, ta-dah, Karen Louise Youth Dance Company begins.

This opportunity is open, for the time being, to Northgate students Year 9 – Year 13. These Youth Dance Company sessions will run weekly and allow students to explore, express and create in a new way. As with my own projects I like to focus on raw, real and thought-provoking topics. This will be a chance for the youth company to share their ideas and delve into work they want to create, but might not have had the time or space to do so.

Northgate High School has always been a great school in the Ipswich area. I was lucky to see their showcase a month ago and witness the talent from Year 7 right through to the sixth formers! I’m really looking forward to the opportunity to work with talented students at the school.

A massive thank you to Miss Heidi Patrick for allowing Karen Louise Dance to work at the school. I cannot wait to see everyone at the Tatser Session and hopefully, get going in January!

If you know anyone, or yourself, who would be interested – please come along to the Taster Session on the 6th! If you want any more info or to register – drop me a message or email (or if you know Miss H Patrick – let her know at the school).


Taster Session Details:

Date: Tuesday 6th December 2016

Time: 3.30pm- 5.00pm

Where: Northgate High School


Please share around and spread the word!

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