Dance for Dementia

Last week I attended a ‘Dementia Friends Session’ at DanceEast in Ipswich, ahead of new classes that are starting this week for people living with dementia and their carers/loved ones. Coming from a place where I know very little about the topic, it was really insightful and eye opening. I’m so glad I went along. I’ve now become a Dementia Friend and pledge to wear my badge and tell more people about Dementia in a way that causes less stigma and more awareness.

Something that stood out during the session was the sentence “Once you have met one person with Dementia, you have met one person with Dementia”. That person is more than just their Dementia. I’m really looking forward to learning more throughout this spring term at DanceEast, learning about different people’s experiences of living with Dementia, as well as meeting and dancing with a new group of people!

From this Thursday I will be working as a tutor assistant for these new classes and I cannot wait to get started with everyone. For more information about the classes please visit:

For more information about Dementia Friends, please visit: – and spread the awarenss so that everyone living with Dementia lives well.

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