I’m absolutely delighted to announce I’ve been chosen for the next cohort of Matthew Bourne’s New Adventure’s project; Overture!

This is a professional development course, supported by Arts Council England, for emerging dance practitioners working in communities within the UK. I’ll be one of 15 artists who will be participating over the course of 12 months.

I applied last year and was gutted when the application was turned down. But as in true Karen tradition, I kept plugging away and re-applied this year. I could actually see a HUGE difference between my covering letter I had written last year and the one I had written this year. I’ve taken on so many more projects and have been far more pro-active in getting to where I want to be as a Dance Artist over the last 12 months.

Everything I have been doing seems to have paid off, and now i’m able to participate in this amazing professional development course to help build on my skills and knowledge as an artist. I cannot wait to meet everyone on the course and get started; 2017 really is an exciting year so far!

Click the link below to find out more about the project:


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