Youth Company Sharing

Last night was Karen Louise Youth Dance Company’s first sharing of their work and I’m so pleased to say it went brilliantly.

We had parents, siblings, friends and teachers come along to an informal sharing of work at Northgate Arts Centre. The audience had a chance to meet the other company members that dance with their loved one, see what we do on a weekly basis and finally, preview a piece of choreography we’ve been working on for wider audiences.

Two of the talented bunch were brave enough to speak a little about different snippets of the class warm up and technique, and how we progressed each week towards our final piece which was based on the ideas and themes of fear.

We shared 4-5 minutes worth of material which worked with ideas of individuals being engulfed by, and conquering fears. It was made up of solos, duets and group work which focused on strength, breath and moments of contact work.

The company were completely committed and professional and I couldn’t have been prouder of their first sharing to an audience. I’m looking forward to the next 2 weeks before our well-deserved break at Easter to go through some developments and further ideas.

Check out a rehearsal snippet on our Instagram page – and please give us a follow and like!

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