The Seedling

The lovely Anna Rowe and I have been busy for several months giving birth to a new project which we’re hoping carries into 2018 and builds momentum. If you follow me on my social media pages, you have probably seen The Seedling and promo bits floating around. We started this back in 2016 with a chat about how nice it was to work collaboratively together, and what sort of project we could move forward with after the success of Big Dance in Suffolk. It made complete sense to combine our same love of gardening, dance and environmental campaigning. Alas, The Seedling was born.

We’ve spent several days in the studio since autumn last year playing and exploring ideas. It’s changed from one idea to the next and morphed into a performance we’re both so happy with. It still has lots of potential for development, but we’re at the stage of getting the performance out there and getting some feedback and response from a whole range of people!

It’s very much a mixture of dance and physical theatre (another love for both of us), mixed in with interactive moments and another original sound score by the talented Amy Mallett. It follows the journey of a tiny seed through various environments and obstacles, and how nature thrives despite human impact.

We had the chance to perform this new work in a few outdoor setting, which is great as it adds a different level of atmosphere and feeling to the work, and we’re hoping to extend the list of performances and events in the next 12 months. We have performed The Seedling at Foxburrow Farm with the help of dancer Helen Foot, and also Gresham’s Ipswich. We’re currently in talks with the lovely owner at Little Blakenham Woodland Gardens which would be a brilliant opportunity to showcase this work in such a beautiful setting. If you’re a dancer in the Suffolk area, keep your eyes peeled, as we’re discussing a promenade version of The Seedling for this particular location.


Anna and I are both super excited to see what the future holds for this work. We’re looking to build our funding and support network for the work and perform and workshop around our local area inspiring and engaging with schools, families and more!

If you want to find out more about the piece please visit my website:
or check out our Facebook pages: or 

Did you see us at any of these events, or know any coming up? We would love to hear any questions or feedback you may have! Drop me a comment below

Karen xo

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