Reflecting on Overture

…so far. I know we still have one more residential weekend together in February 2018, but as it’s drawing to the end of 2017, I felt it was right to jot down some of my reflections about ReBourne’s Overture programme. For those of you reading who are wondering what the hell Overture is – have a gander at my post talking about being accepted here.

It really is the most wonderful CPD (continuing professional development) on the planet, and I couldn’t be more grateful for the opportunity. However, I don’t like calling it CPD, because it’s actually so much more. I come away from every weekend feeling inspired, believing in my practice and skills a whole lot more, and striving to achieve all of the bigger goals I set myself. Not only that, but I feel lucky to have spent a whole 48 hours with such wonderful and supportive people who are on the same journey, or who have been on, as me.

The weekend just gone was great because it was focused on moving and dancing, rather than too much thinking. It was definitely needed after two weekends of being so in my own head, trying to figure out my values as an artist and dissect how I deliver and who to (I was emotionally drained after those two weekends, but in the best way)! This last weekend we had the amazing StopGap Dance Company, Uchenna Dance and Lila Dance deliver across the two days, and each company bought something different, but equally inspiring and empowering, to the table for us to sink our teeth into.

It makes me really sad to think I have just two days left to soak up as much knowledge as possible, but I know that I’ve made an amazing national professional network that I can draw on whenever I need to (or equally, because they’re now good friends, just send them random Whatsapp messages with nothing to do with dance).

The opportunity really has pushed to me think longer term with what is possible through Karen Louise Dance, and what I want to achieve further down the line. Some of the goals I create sound SO far fetched and sometimes scare me a little, but this opportunity has allowed me to stand back and say ‘y’know what, I will do that. Or at least give it a go!’, because it’s also taught me that if you don’t try, if you don’t ACTION rather than just talk, it will never happen. Sounds obvious, but someone reminding you of that, sometimes that’s what you need to nudge you along.

I’m really excited to continue to push myself and give everything I have to people I work with. I’ll definitely look back and think this was a defining point in my career. Absolutely blessed.

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