Goals | 2018

We’re at the end of January 2018 (finally – does any one else feel like it’s been 3 months long already?) and a lot of bloggers have been talking about their 2018 goals recently, so thought I’d throw in my two cents before we get into July and I’ve said and done nothing! I’ve dived head first into some goals for Karen Louise Dance (KLD) already, but there’s so much I want to do, and sometimes I don’t know where to start. I wonder if I’m being too over ambitious, or flipping it around, not aiming high enough. So here it goes, my goals for 2018…


This is where my biggest passion lies in dance. Inspiring the next generation is where I find my true motivation. At the beginning of 2017 I launched Karen Louise Youth Dance Company, and it’s been growing in numbers and opportunities since, which is exactly what I hoped for. More students are wanting to join, and I have so much fun getting creative in the studio with them. So what’s next?

  • Sharing platform. There are several youth company performance platforms, sure. However, rather than just turn up, sit in a dressing room next door to another company, dance on stage, and then go home, I want a chance for the young people to chat, mingle, share practice and support each other. I started a sharing platform with 2 other youth companies last year and it went really well. We had the 3 leaders warm up and workshop with the companies, and then share, informally, some choreography they have been working on. It was great to hear them working together, sharing ideas and giving some great, constructive feedback to one another. I’ve luckily met another Dance Artist who shares the same goals as me, and we’re currently working on setting this up with more structure and longevity to it. If you’re interested – watch this space.
  • Summer Choreographic Intensive. A big one! Luckily the same artist as above has this goal too. We’re working together on the logistics of this and the format of the intensive. It’s something I wanted to start up last year, but with the other projects on my list, I felt I couldn’t spare much time to set it up well. That is a huge goal in itself – organisation and time management! I feel like these are two of my best qualities, but also, with anything that’s new, it takes time to master within this freelance career path I’ve chosen.


There’s two big ones in the pipeline, but as with most artists, my brain is constantly buzzing with new ideas and I’m constantly being inspired by things I watch, listen to or read. This is when I think, hmm, if I worked on 3 of my own choreographic projects in 2018, will I run myself into the ground? Or is the norm? I’m going to stick to two that I’m feeling super passionate about at the moment.

  • Patricia. This was a work I started back in 2015 and since we performed it at a scratch night in 2016, I haven’t touched it since. This a big goal this year – begin some juicy research into this piece, find some dancers, and get applying for funds. This work is a big piece of my heart, and I want to be able to share with people, and hopefully open up opportunities to people who have been through similar experiences that the piece touches on.
  • The Seedling. As discussed in a previous post, Anna and I did our first initial research for this work, and we’re currently waiting to hear back from the Arts Council to see if we can take this project to the next step (keep your fingers crossed folks)! It’s a piece that will take up a big chunk of the year, and a big chunk of my time. However, with my previous work on the project, along with my producing experience with the Ipswich Choral Society – a post coming on this shortly – I’m hoping I can run with this. 


That brings me to this point…

  • Keeping myself sane! As I wrote in a previous post about keeping the balance, I want to keep on top of my work/social life. I’ve started writing a small – 3-5 bullet points – to do list on a post-it note at the beginning of the week in my diary. Breaking down my huge list to small, manageable chunks each week that are in order of when they need to be done has helped loads. Saying ‘yes’ to yoga class, the gym, a coffee with friends, a movie night. I’ve done well in January, so my goal is to keep this up for the rest of the year.

We’ll see how I get on with these 5 goals. It’s only January… so could go tits up in February. I’ll keep you posted! What’re your career goals for 2018? I’d love to know.



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