Social Media Guru

…that’s what I’d like to be anyway! Over the past couple of months I’ve started experimenting with a new idea, something different along my freelance journey, and I’ve started to really sink my teeth into it, enjoy it and even begin to think long term with it. It’s all to do with social media and the big bad web!

Ever since I started up my own dance company, social media was the one bit I always felt confident with. I felt it was a challenge, but super fun to play around with web design, opening up accounts on Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook, and all the other works to be able to promote myself and my work. It allows me to get creative in a different way to the dance studio and a bunch of bodies in the space. I’m definitely not calling myself a wiz either, but I like to think I’m fairly quick at picking up how to float around the different channels and can add a nice caption with some useful hashtags! I appreciate I’ve got miiiiiles to go to become an actual wiz, but I’m now at the point where I’d like to skill build and even get myself on a mini-course to do so!

Back at the beginning of 2017 I was in conversations with the marvellous Tom Hobden (see his work here) about the idea of mentoring me and supporting my emerging dance artist status; giving me some helpful nudges and tips along the way to getting myself in a solid position to be able to do what I want to do, and do it well. In exchange for his brilliant support I would help in areas of his work that he lacked time to put his all in to; social media.

I’d agreed with Tom this exchange of talents and I’ve had such a blast coming up with creative ideas for social media posts leading up to his and Kate’s performance (check out promo for their production of ‘20 Questions‘ here). I’ve used a mixture of creative elements to engage with the company’s followers and try and get some new ones getting involved with their material too! This has ranged from potential audience members, venue staff and others contributing by writing about their best friend on mini blackboards, to posting a picture with their favourite/current reading book, to reenacting famous album covers. This was all linked in to the material and themes of the show I was helping to promote, and SO MUCH FUN.


Hopefully I’ll be blogging for them at some point soon, with the first piece of writing being an interview with Kate Flurrie about how the process of ’20 Questions’ was. If you’re interested – definitely keep your eyes peeled!

I also started up a conversation with two of my favourite dancing humans; Lynnette King and Mary Davies. They had decided a while back to join forces and collaborate under the name of House of Max and Wayne, but being short of time and a little bit of knowledge with web design, they asked if I might be able to lend a helping hand. I managed to create my own website, and it’s nothing special, but I loved the idea of creating one for someone else and if it helped them move forward with their business; 100% I was going to give it a go.

I used MoonFruit for my website, but they wanted to go ahead with Wix, so it was a challenge to navigate a new design and layout, but really fun to get to grips with it. And sure enough; House of Max and Wayne was created! Although, the template did prove tricky with adding particular video work and text in the places they wanted, I was happy to try and resolve as best as I could so they ended up with a final product ready to be viewed by the world. However, the template was a tough cookie, so even though there’s a link to their website above, it’s a lot of work that I cannot take credit for in the end. But I’m so happy I was able to help, and it started off their online journey! We also got them set up with Facebook, Instagram, Vimeo and Pinterest. It can be such hard work to keep on top of them all, but once you kick start it, it gets easier and easier.

It’s an enjoyable skill I’m definitely going to keep up my sleeve for a bit. Who knows; in a couple of years I might end up adding it onto my website as a separate offer to customers along with dance workshops and classes! For now, I’m just enjoying the journey of creating an online presence for myself and some lovely friends/colleagues.

How do you find social media? What have you found works well for you?


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