We’re Funded!

It’s been a while since I’ve sat down to write a post – but what a post I’ve saved up for you!

Anna Rowe Dance and myself finally submitted our The Seedling Dance Project funding application in November last year to The Arts Council England. We received the best Christmas present of 2018 in the way of a letter advising us WE WERE FUNDED! I couldn’t believe it. All that hard work; the meetings, the planning, the late nights, the early mornings. We achieved it! I couldn’t be happier. If you missed my last post about the project you can follow the link and read up. But we’re doing it again – bigger and better!


The Seedling Dance Project follows the journey of a seedling leaving it’s mother’s plant and the exciting (but turbulent) pathway it takes to find a place to settle and grow. It has to fight our industrial landscape, where tin, plastic and rust have replaced nutritious soil, space and greenery. As we all hope, nature will triumph and flourish and the seed learns to grow in it’s new environment. In 2017 The Seedling trial performance took place at the gorgeous Suffolk woodlands of Little Blakenham. This year we’ll hopefully be performing twice there, as well as Suffolk Wildlife Trust Site, Foxburrow Farm. There will be two strands – a community version and a school version.

We’re in the midst of raising some extra public funds (www.justgiving.com/crowdfunding/theseedlingdanceproject) to bulk up our generous funding from ACE, and Anna and I are super busy putting together schedules, meetings and rehearsals to make it all happen. Next weekend sees the first taster event, where we have invited as many of you lovely people in the nearby community to join us to be a part of the project as dancers. No need to have prior dance experience, no age limit (we had the sweetest 2year old and her father last time, and some brilliant ladies in their 60’s and 70’s, so really, no limits), just people who are excited and enthusiastic to give it a go! I’ll be sure to document on my social media how the weekend of tasters go, so come and give me a follow if you don’t already,

This time around also sees two professional dancers joining us on The Seedling journey. Anna and I were dancers in the 2017 trial version, and however lovely it was, it held us back from being able to view the performance through the choreographic and artistic eye we would like to. Therefore Amy Shepperd and Lizzie Hawes are taking on the roles of dancers for both the community and school productions. We’ve had one weekend in the studio with them already and we were getting tingles from the material and buzz they created.

The two schools involved both start the creation process after Easter, and Anna and I already have plans in place for most of their sessions. We’re really excited to see what energy and inspiration the year 4’s will bring to the project.

If you have any questions about the project, please feel free to get in touch with me! And I’ll be sure to keep you all filled in with how it’s going each step of the way!

For now, xo

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