Goals | 2020

A little bit of a reflection post, and a little bit of looking forward… new decade ‘n all. Now that we have the slog of January behind us, I thought I would let you guys in on a few goals I’m setting myself this year. It’s very easy to set a bunch of unattainable and unsustainable goals at the beginning of a new year, so I’ve picked a handful of key ones, and I’m giving myself the entire of 2020 to accomplish them. Some big, some small, but all I feel very passionate about.

Since starting the company in 2016 things have started, finished, grown, and developed, and I’ve been ever so proud of each class and project that I’ve taught and run. I cannot wait to continue to grow personally and professionally.

My highlights always include the Youth projects I’m involved in or have created. The young people’s creativity, enthusiasm and excitement is just so infectious! The KLD youth company have been coming on leaps and bounds since we started, and we’ve been successful in applications to perform at U.Dance 2019, and now 2020! Watch this space for U.Dance highlights in March. One of my big goals is to create a dance film with them this summer term. Something completely new to me! (I’d better get building on those skills…) If anyone wants to collaborate on this, or has any handy film apps they wish to share, hit me up!

I also have loved the last two KLD & Yodanga Arts Summer Programmes that have come to fruition. One of my goals for 2020 is to run another summer school in August. It’s a tricky one with other dance organisations and schools putting on theirs, and all around the same time, but I have loved watching the participant’s passion for dance over an intense period of time, and putting together a sharing for family and friends at the end of the week together is always so special. Fingers crossed I can be more savvy to make this work for a third year.

After the wonderful Gemma at Dance Network Association and I went on the ISTD Contemporary course we’re both now keen to deliver this syllabus to more young people. Working for DNA is awesome, and Gemma works tirelessly to achieve her goals for the organisation. What an inspiration she is. I’m looking forward to teaching more young people through her programmes this year too (as well as the older movers classes I deliver on).

Taking of older movers… In 2018 I started dancing with more people over the age of 60yrs, and I have grown more and more in love with it. Their experiences, stories and attitudes are obviously quite different to the teenagers I work with, and it’s a lovely change of pace and movement in my varied week. It’s a lovely atmosphere in the classes, we laugh, we talk and we have fun to a bit of ABBA , Van Morrison and The Nolans (to name a few!) I’ve taken over the running of StowMovers, and shortly will be taking over Hadleigh Movers from DanceEast. This is another big step, and I’m hoping I can manage it. Not only this, but I’m working hard to achieve another class like these, but in Felixstowe.

Project work. I love a lengthy project that involved a juicy topic. The Seedling is one of those projects, and sorry to bore you, but it’s still going haha. Anna and I have already had a couple of productive meetings and we’ve been applying to take the duet branch of the project forward this year. We’re wanting to expand the community side after our wonderful Arts Council England funding allowed us to research and develop this, but we’re taking 2020 to build on the duet and gather thoughts for 2021 and beyond. If you enjoyed The Seedling Dance Story last year, again, watch this space!

And last but not least, general goals – balance. I spoke about this a while ago, but it never seems to come fully off my radar. So often I work 6 days a week and run myself into the ground taking on too many things (I’m definitely a yes kinda person!) However, 2020 I want to take more time out. Not because I don’t LOVE working, but pretty much BECAUSE I love working. Work and play boundaries blur so often due to the fact I’m enjoying my work. So I’m challenging myself to things such as read a book a month, which is helping me take time to myself.

All of these goals are written on colourful post it notes and taped to my office wall. Sounds obvious, but I’ve actually never written goals out, just had them in the back of mind. It’s nice to be able to visualise them every time I sit down at my laptop. It’s also amazing to sit down and realise how much I’ve achieved and it’s only Feb! I feel like this year is going to be a corker for Karen Louise Dance already.

What goals have you set this year? I’d love to hear all about them! Maybe we can swap some tips and tricks…



2 thoughts on “Goals | 2020

  1. Great stuff Karen! I love your positivity and can do-ness… the rest of us need that and it flows from you. I really enjoyed being involved in the Seedling project last year So thank you. Keep on dancing on… and reading in between.. 😁


    1. Thanks so much for your kind words Emma! I may write with lots of positivity and enthusiasm but definitely have my “I’m faaaailing!” moments haha.
      The seedling was definitely my biggest highlight and all because of you and the other wonderful dancers 💕 what a joy. Keep dancing yourself and see you soon! xo


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