Well, that wasn’t exactly what we had planned for 2020 was it?

I feel like this is a perfect time for a bit of reflection and re evaluation. Especially as my last post was titled Goals for 2020, ha.

I laugh at this, however one of my goals was to find more balance between work and play. Obviously I haven’t had to try too hard with this goal as all of my work has come to a halt, therefore I don’t have a choice in the matter. But rather than falling into a pit of despair and worry, I’m trying to find the silver linings in having so much time to myself now.

I thought I would share a few things I have been doing to keep myself happy and sane during this unknown time, if not just to remind myself when things get tough…

I still write out a to do list every Monday morning. Sometimes the things I add are so small they aren’t really worth adding, and some things I know I’m probably going to avoid and put off completely, but it feels good to set myself some challenges and aims for the week ahead, just to give myself a bit of normality and routine. Plus, I like highlighting the completed items at the end of the week – so satisfying (so sad, I know).

Trying some new things I wouldn’t have the time or capacity for. For example, my friend Genevieve has introduced me to ‘Yin & Tonic’ yoga classes with Laura Bunting Yoga. Firstly, Laura’s classes are based in Essex so I  wouldn’t go that far for a class, secondly they’re on a Friday evening and I definitely wouldn’t do anything at that point in my normal week. Thirdly, and maybe more importantly, I always put classes for myself last on my list of importance. Now I have more time I can access these classes and really spend some time on myself… whilst enjoying a massive glass of gin with my friend at the same time!

(highly recommend Laura’s classes too – for a beginner with yoga, it’s so accessible and friendly)

I’m also trying to use this time to evaluate what works well in my working routine, as well as other areas of my life, and thinking about how I can shift things around to make for a happier balance when activities and work start to return to our lives. I had a lovely FaceTime with my artist friend Steph, and so many things were discussed that I was frantically nodding along with. Do I enjoy working Monday-Thursday with 3 days off, can I keep that? Do I enjoy having time to fit a workout in in the morning, can I keep that? So, spending some time evaluating what elements I want to keep and what elements I want to let go of is super interesting for me at the moment.

How’re you feeling with this all? I’d love to chat to you xo


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