What’s New?

Hello wonderful friends! It’s been a little while since I used this platform to update on all things dance and life… 2 years to be exact! Yikes. So here we are, emerging from the pandemic, and what’s changed? Quite a lot, actually! I thought an updated blog post would be the perfect way to share some updates with you all (and exciting news)…

Karen Louise Dance has had an upgrade (!!) and since February 8th 2022 we are now officially a COMMUNITY INTEREST COMPANY! I’m so excited to finally share this next step I’ve taken with you, and see what could happen moving forward. So, we’re now a social enterprise whose profits will be used for the greater good – meaning dance, and more dance!

This means I can work my socks off to hopefully build up some funding for Karen Louise Dance to grow bigger and better. I’ve got ideas for new classes, projects and workshops, and I’m hoping moving to a CIC will help me reach those visions sooner.

Unfortunately since the pandemic a few parts of KLD have disappeared, including our wonderful Youth Co (which was only building momentum, sad face). However, plans are in the pipeline to bring this element of the company back, and a bigger goal would be to expand to a Junior and Senior company. All in good time though, eh.

We did manage to keep Hadleigh Movers and StowMovers running though, and I’m really pleased to welcome new faces into both groups over the past year, and hopefully we’ll continue to see more lovely faces throughout the next year. (I’m currently working with DanceEast on setting up Felixstowe Movers too, so keep your eyes peeled for more information if this is of interest to you).

I also left my wonderful job at DanceEast Box Office in 2020, and started a new contract with the FABULOUS Dance Network Association in Essex. As you may know I was already delivering a handful of classes for them anyway, but I’m now working two days a week as their Dance Development Officer, working hard to bring dance to as many people in Colchester and surrounding areas. It’s a lovely job and I’m so grateful to have met Gemma and received this opportunity.

Credit: Dance Network Association (Steve Brading)

It’s been lovely to come back to regular delivery in the community this year; connecting with all ages and enjoying the freedom of dance with each other in the same room again. I’m still freelancing myself alongside running KLD; including some beautiful primary school projects. I’m hoping I can share those across my social media platforms in the coming months.

It might be a bit confusing on my website & social platforms moving forward, as I’ll be sharing KLD CIC updates, as well as Karen Louise Pratt the freelancer. But it’s all dance and it’s all amazing, so I hope that’s okay.

I look forward to keeping up with these posts and I look forward to hearing from you too – please feel free to drop me a comment & tell me what’s changed over the last two years for you, and what you’re looking forward to?


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