Creative Heart

These few weeks have been a whirlwind! Monday two weeks ago seemed to kick-started a tornado of events in the best way possible! It started with Creative Heart, a collective group of local artists, coming together for a workshop with Stuart Waters and sharing of new work from various artists. I had the wonderful foursome with me to perform Kafa Ulaya ‘the beginnings’ of, and Anna Rowe and I also took to the space to perform The Seedling (separate post on that soon as it’s been a while since I mentioned our dynamic duo in force)! We also got a chance to witness the new creation of The House of Max & Wayne (Lynnette and Mary) who are so inspiring to watch and be around.

There was such a lovely bunch of artists and producer faces gathered to give thought-provoking and insightful feedback and I couldn’t feel more blessed to have all of their input on both pieces. Kafa Ulaya – see previous post – has been playing on my mind for several months, and I was itching to work with some dancers in the studio to play around with these thoughts that were buzzing around in my head. We had such a brilliant chunk of material to play with and share with the audience, and the response equally left me with ideas to play and explore further.

There’s a section which was created using bundles of clothes as people, I called them ‘buddies’, and everyone seemed to have a lot to say regarding these. It was brilliant to hear their opinions and interpretations on what these ‘buddies’ represented and how they felt towards them. There are so many different ways this idea could be explored further and it’s going to be at the top of my list for when I get a chance to get back in the studio.

There’s also this idea of items of clothes from potential audience members being used in the piece. The response of seeing your own clothes being used in a performance is definitely an interesting one. I won’t talk in too much detail about Kafa Ulaya as I’m wanting to work more on this piece in the next year, hopefully with some funding too (argh – those dreaded applications)!

Having a small platform such as Creative Heart is so beneficial and I really hope the group continue to meet and support each other. It really is such a boost for my confidence and keeping me pro-active with making work. I love making work and this enables me to put myself out there and continue doing what I love. Hopefully I’ll start making a small income from it too – as well as employing others! Fingers crossed for the future.

Karen xo


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